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How To Become Consultants
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Registration and Application Form

For 30 years, we have provided Consulting Services both domestically and internationally.  The Program we designed, its delivery modalities and the materials we provide our participants are unique and unmatched in the industry, our facilitators have more than 20 years of experience teaching both on-ground and online in addition to being successful consultants in their fields of expertise.

It is of the greatest importance to us that participants fully understand the special and powerful nature of our Programs, including potential benefits from a private practice business and the challenges posed by the creation of such new business.

The first step towards full registration is the completion of the enclosed Application Form and its submission to our Registrar Office, with the registration fee (payable via credit card or money order).  

Our Registrar Personnel carefully reads and examines all applications, and will call the applicant should clarification be required.  Of paramount importance to allow for registration is the applicant’s intention and commitment to create his or her own private practice consulting business, and the ability to finance such new business start.

When an Application is rejected, the registration deposit is returned in full without penalties.  When an Application is accepted, the registration deposit is received and the Applicant is sent a confirmation of his or her place in the Program.  All accepted deposits have a cancellation penalty of 50% up to 45 days prior to the commencement of the first day of the program – all cancellations are to be submitted in writing directly to the Registrar Office. After the 45 day line (prior to the first day of the program), no refunds will be allowed, however the participant may be permitted one (1) re-registration to another Program starting at a later date.

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To receive Program Fees and Refund Policies, please e-mail to your advisor or to our corporate online advisor at



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