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The Life Series Programs

Free Online Guest Video Conference and TT Events

While our printed media is always helpful and answers many of the questions one may have about our Programs, our weekly Guest Events and TT (newsgroup) Interactive communication allows for a complete communication with the company facilitators and the program founder.

To receive your free password get access to our Online Video Conference Guest Events or access our TT text conference rooms, contact one of our Online Advisors or an Enrollment Advisor (link to: “How to Contact our Enrollment Advisors”) in your area. 

Locations that are serviced directly are:  Los Angeles (CA),
New York (NY), Chicago (IL), San Diego (CA), Seattle (WA), San Jose (CA), Boston (MA), Houston (TX), Denver (CO), Scottsdale (AZ), Philadelphia (PA), Atlanta (GA) and
Sedona (AZ).

To participate in our Weekly Online Video Conference Guest Events, you should have a modern computer with a web camera, speakers and a microphone (some computers have built in microphones, speakers and web cameras).  Either a PC (Windows 7, Vista and later XP) or a Mac will work appropriately.  Also, because a wireless connection is often slow and varies in speed, we recommend that you hardwire connect to the Internet. Finally, you may want to use headphones or earbuds to prevent audio echo if it becomes a problem.

Once your request to attend an Online Guest Event Video Conference has been received, one of our Online or regional advisors will contact you and provide you with a password and assist you in setting up and testing your computer. 

If you prefer to connect to the more convenient and flexible TT Guest Event Rooms, let your advisor know and they will provide instructions to connect along with your password.

If there is a specific topic you would like to address, send your advisor an e-mail with specific questions a few days prior to the Guest Event.  We will make sure your topic and questions are covered.

Standard Topics covered each month during Guest Events:

Week One - First Monday of the month –
Topic: “Why Would I Want to Become a Consultant?”

Week Two – Second Monday of the month –
Topic: “How Much Time and Money I Will Have to Invest to Become a Consultant?”

Week Three – Third Monday of the month –
Topic: “How Much Money can I Make as a Consultant?”

Week Four – Fourth Monday of the month –
Topic: “I already have an MBA, why do I need to spend money for your Program?  Why can’t I just use what I learned in school and become a Consultant by myself?”

Online Video Guest Events have specific start and end times -typically lasting one hour; TT Guest Events allow guests to converse on the topic for an entire week, at anytime convenient to them.

If you would prefer a private Online Video Conference with an advisor, one of our facilitators, or the Program designer and company founder, let us know. Provide us with a date and time frame when you’re available, and we will do our best to meet your day and time requirements.

Become a member of our Guest Event Forums today
and participate in Free Online Guest Events!

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