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The Life Series Programs

For Educators

Why we created this Program

Why we created this ProgramThe job of an educator is a very challenging life mission – typically underpaid, overworked and unrecognized by administrators.  Prof. Ancis started teaching business in 1976 and he is still teaching graduate classes in one of the largest accredited higher learning institutions in the U.S. – giving back to his students what he received by his won teachers when he went to school both in Italy and in the U.S..

It is truly unfortunate how so many experienced teachers are so rarely rewarded economically for all their outstanding work with students. To truly achieve economic independence in alignment with the type of life they deserve, a number of ‘brave’ teachers have had to reinvent themselves and open their own businesses.

This program is perfect for educators who are either at the very beginning of their teaching career, in the middle of their career with several years of experience, or at the end of their teaching career and closing in on retirement.  This program offers an opportunity for educators to start their own private consulting practice.   Some of the consulting services could address parents of students learning at home; assist new educational institutions needing advice; create new educational products; promote new teaching methodologies; set up schools overseas, or help corporate trainings becoming more “user” friendly, the list goes on…

Teaching is a challenging job in the best of times, now underpaid, and unrecognized by school administrators, the “How to Become Consultants – for educators” is the program for you, with a 450 page “Guide”, convenient and flexible teaching modalities, and 90 days, 24/7 support by experienced educators who have also been successful consultants for decades.

Our Program provides a very specific guide for those Educators who are looking for an alternative in these challenging and trying economic times, and who want to pursue creative work options, economic independence and personal wellness.

Program Objectives

Program ObjectivesOur program allows participants to convert the skills they developed over many years, into a consulting practice. The Program contents for Educators are organized in four main groupings:

1 – How to convert and transition from being an educator to becoming a private practice educator consultant – including skill set identification, company descriptive materials, the target market description, company positioning, company structure, etc. – (this section is called “My Action Plan”)

2 – How to implement my “Action Plan” including target market identification, target market outreach, presentations to prospects, service fees, etc. (this section is called “My Implementation Plan”)

3 – How to use ‘numbers to manage my new business -  KPIs (key performance indicators) are identified and quantified for the new business to maximize profitable revenues and client management strategies (this section is called “My ‘Numbers’)

4 – Mind Dynamics – this section covers those effective practices the new Educator Consultant needs to learn to increase his/her opportunities for economic and personal success in his/her profession.  .  

The Program Mind Dynamics section allows participants to identify “ineffective behaviors and habits” and to resolve them constructively for maximum success potential.   These unique and unpublished materials are the result of Prof. Ancis research spanning 30 years, identifying what makes some people succeed and other fail.

More Background

More BackgroundProf. Ancis opened his private consulting practice in 1981 with clients in the United States and in Europe.  Having developed every aspect of his consulting business from ground zero, Prof. Ancis says that it took him about five years to fine tune his consultancy and another five years to fully develop the company outreach practices to substantially expand his business.  Since 1981, Prof. Ancis has provided services to over 300 clients in 40 different industries.

Facilitators and coaches for the ‘HOW TO BECOME CONSULTANTS” PROGRAMS have been on-ground and online instructors for at least 20 years and have themselves been successful consultants in their fields of expertise for an equivalent number of years.  Most of them were and still are Educators and are now providing their guidance to others who want to transition to the consulting arena.

Special strategies in the program teach how, for example, a California based Educational Consultant can cost-effectively service clients in New York or in the Mid-East, utilizing the same Video Conferencing techniques that are used in the “HOW TO BECOME CONSULTANTS” PROGRAMS.




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