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The Life Series Programs

A Message from the Program Designer and Company Founder

Background of the Program Author

Professor AncisOur country’s economic future is quite uncertain; these are indeed marginal economic times.  Throughout the U.S. companies are laying off many of their key employees, and those with higher salaries seem to be targeted first.

In 1967 I arrived in the U.S. from Florence, Italy. I spent ten years working as a scientist until I decided to change my career.  After a careful soul search and market investigation, I decided to go back to school, earn an MBA and open up my own consulting practice.  It was very challenging and I had to learn so much that was not taught during my graduate business studies.  I spent the first five years of my new consulting practice developing my approach and another five years fine tuning my market outreach and learning how to work with hired consultants.

From the mid 80’s to the mid 90’s, as consultant, I traveled all over the world with clients and worked side by side with companies including Philips Lighting (Holland), Dornier and AEG (Germany), Fournelle Technologies (Montreal, Canada),  Stiebel-Hellas (Greece), Electrolux (Sweden).  Domestically, I worked with companies including Equitable Life, Farmer’s Insurance, Cigna Financial Services , Acer Computer and Novell VARs, ACT, BUM Equipment Footwear, Mossimo licensees,  Jivago International and the Continental Controls Corporation.

I have also been an on-ground university instructor for the past 30 years and more recently for the last 12 years an Online instructor for the largest accredited university in the country.

For years, graduate students who came back to school to earn an MBA (I teach their last capstone courses) have asked me to mentor them and teach them HOW TO BECOME CONSULTANTS; professionals ask me every day what would be the best way for them to become consultants and working consultants ask me how to profitably grow their practice. 

In the early ‘80s I developed an authentic passion for the field of Mind Dynamics and Behavioral Restructuring and in the last 30 years I have studied and given hundreds of seminars in how to identify and handle ineffective behaviors and how to increase one’s personal effectiveness.  In one of the many seminars I attended in my apprenticeship a seminar in the field of Mind Dynamics, I realized my Life Goal – “Making a Positive Difference in the Lives of People.”   Integrity, honesty, telling the truth, and keeping my word have been the driving forces in my life.

The Market for Consultants

The MarketTHE INDUSTRY - “In contrast to the size and fame of the leading management consulting companies, a large portion of the consulting industry is comprised of very small companies—in many cases these are one-person shops, perhaps operating from a spare bedroom at home. This part of the business has grown rapidly since 2000, as legions of well educated, highly qualified and thoroughly experienced executives and professionals were laid-off during corporate downsizing or took early retirement in exchange for an opportunity to work for themselves. These professionals have turned to self-employment as consultants, focusing on their specialties and combing their rolodexes for leads. Global consulting industry revenues (including HR, IT, strategy, operations management and business advisory services) will be about $345 billion in 2010. This represents a rebound from about $310 billion in 2009 and $330 billion in 2008.” According to Plunkett Research estimates.

Program Background and Details

Program BackgroundThis Program, that we simply titled “HOW TO BECOME CONSULTANTS” is the result of over 30 years of practice in being a successful, loyal and creative consultant.  It is a true pleasure when clients I have not heard from for many years call to tell me: “You are one of the few people in the world we trust and you are the only consultant that can resolve our current problem.”

The Program teaches participants all I have learned in 30 years of private practice consulting and in the field of Mind Dynamics – all will be explained easily and in an organized manner.  A handbook and weekly handouts will be given to participants to be completed, along with a special preliminary set of tutorials which are provided to assure that all participants start with the same knowledge base.

While we cannot promise that you will be successful (this is up to each individual participant), we promise that our company and our facilitator we will do our best to support and encourage you in the achievement of your dream, your life passion and the development of that private practice consulting business you want to create for you and your family.

The Program Package A offers 6 days in the classroom with top facilitators and experienced consultants; 12 weeks of ‘live” video conferences with the facilitator to make sure participants are on track, and 12 days of 24/7 TT communication with the facilitator – the total amount of invaluable reference materials that each participant will collect may exceed 500 pages.

If your commitment and intention is sincere there is no doubt you will have an incredible and transformational journey into your new private consulting practice. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and please attend our weekly Video Conferences – offered by myself and some of the company’s top facilitators.





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