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How To Become Consultants
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The Life Series Programs

Our Program Promise to Participants

This is our Guarantee and Promises to All Participants attending the “HOW TO BECOME CONSULTANTS” Program

1 – Our Program instructors have been providing both online and on-ground classes for at least 10 years.

2 – Our Program instructors have successfully been providing consulting services for at least 10 years.

3 – Each Program Participant will receive written materials including the topics listed below:

a - Skill Inventory Exercise, How To Prepare Handout Materials For Your New Company, A Benefit List For Clients, A Why Your Company Should Be Selected By New Clients, The Image You Want To Project As It Relates To Your New Company, Researching And Reserving Your Company Name And Website Name, Handouts For Clients, What Can You Charge And How, Sample Letters Of Agreements For Clients, How To Get Paid –How To Set-Up Your Business.

b - How To Target, Locate And Reach Potential Prospects - The Outreach Marketing Section.

c - How To Make Presentations, Prepare Proposals, Handle Objections And Close The Sale - The Acquiring Clients Section.

d - How To Keep The Client And To Obtain Referrals - The Maintenance And Business Expansion Section.

e - The Mind Dynamics Section - Integrity, Keep Your Word And Promises, Tell The Truth, Handling Ineffective Behaviors, Cause And Effect, the Comfort Zone, And Defeating The Dragons Of Fear.

4 – All written materials will be explained and discussed in the “How to Become a Business Consultant” Program, in either Package A, B or C.

5 – A 3” Program Book Binder with Indexed Page Dividers will be distributed to each participant to hold Program Materials.

6 – Prior to the Start of the Program, each Program participant will be assisted by a enrollment advisor in the proper set up of his or her computer desktop/laptop and instructed on how to use it to attend   the weekly video conference classes, access the TT (threaded text facility), and download all Program PDF materials from Coaching, Inc.

7 – Prior to the first day of the Program, each Program participant will receive one assignment per week (for four weeks), designed to pre-train the participant with a number of tools necessary to maximize one’s learning of the program contents.

8 - Coaching Inc., promises to deliver program participants all materials listed in its Promise Form and to answer any questions posed by the program participants within 24 hours from when they either e-mail the question to the facilitators or when they post their question in the TT section of the program. 

While this most extensive program is unique in the detail and the modality of the delivery, and while the materials are based on actual consulting practices of over 30 years, Coaching Inc. does NOT promise anyone success in their Consulting Practice – this is strictly up to the Program Participant and a function of commitment and intention to succeed, with integrity and honesty in his or her daily practice, and the ability to provide cost-effective solutions to his or her clients.



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